The Ultimate Mood Setter – "Scented Pillar Candle" – Manufacturer In India

Candles can take you to a tropical wonder, set a sensual mood, or bring you home for the holidays. There are a lot of people who enjoy burning candles. I am one of them. The word candle derives its name from the Latin term “candere” which means to flicker or glitter. Naturally candle is an integral source of light throughout the world. Scented candles add a touch of beauty to any room. There is a number of increasing proof that the sense of smell is one of the best ways to affect a person’s mood. To avoid the usual candle wax smell interfere with the sweet fragrance, soy bean wax is added to burns cleaner and has no black smoke. The use of scented candles is on the increase because of the various results and occasions. Scented floating & Gell candle manufacturer in India produces scented candles which are become more common place to find it in a health store nearby and online.

Aromatherapy Candle

Aromatherapy candle manufacturer in India is a growing popularity of scented candles used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy Candles essential oils mixed with other natural ingredients. Essential oils are made of the fragrant essence of plants.

Taper Candle

Taper candles are made by dipping the wick into the molten wax which will be time-consuming process. Taper candles are used for elegantly enhance a dining room table centerpiece .It is long and slim. Shorter taper candles are also available (SCENTED PILLAR CANDLE MANUFACTURER in India) which have a more rustic feel.

Pillar Candle

Pillar candle colors arouse emotions. Colors like greys, tans, or khakis are soothing and peaceful. Colors which are bright such as reds, purples, or blues are bold and exciting. Depending upon your mood, you can evoke emotions and feelings with your colorful pillar candles. The pillar candle wax texture can range from smooth and glossy to rough and unpolished.

Floating Candle

Floating candles are produced from refined paraffin wax in different shapes like flower, animal, and basic geometrical shapes. Floating candle is providing a very serene and relaxed atmosphere especially when scented oils are infused with them, the end project can be one of a kind.

T.Light Candle

T.Light Candle is used to hold t-lights or the smaller candles. It brings forth an aura of beauty in the environment. T-light candle manufacturer in India have been experimenting with different raw materials which yields a medley of designs and patterns to suit the modern taste.

Votive Candle

A votive candle manufacturer in India produces votive candle which are small, typically white or beeswax yellow, candle, originally intended to be burnt as a votive offering in a religious ceremony. It also refers to a standard size of candle 2 inches high by 1.5 inches diameter, of any color or scent. On its own, a single votive candle can add a tiny touch of elegance and ambiance to a room.

Terracotta Candle

Terracotta candle pots make unique favors for both weddings and showers! Designer candle manufacturer in India is specialized online candle manufacturer in terra cotta and sand stone candle holder.

Container Candle

The scented container candles have the ability to effectively throw more scent than their free-standing counterparts. They are essentially non-flammable container filled with wax and a wick.

Personal Candle

As your Personal Candle Maker, mashaal candle manufacturer in India will enjoy to go the extra mile to make the candle you want. We do our best to offer the High-Quality, Hand-Poured candles, Hand Dipped Incense Sticks you will not find anywhere else.

Designer Candle

Elegantly crafted charming Designer candles from outdoor candle manufacturer in India, is a right choice for the embellishment for the house or workplace.

Elemental Aromatherapy: Which Feng Shui Fragrances Can Help Me?

The Chinese see all things as originating from one of five elemental groups: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, or Wood. The idea is to balance all the elements so that not too much or too little of one particular element is present in a space. Purposefully choosing items to fill the home that use the colors and materials most representative of the five elements helps us produce this balance. Objects other than those you can physically see represent the elements, too. Fragrances make a powerful elemental addition to a space.

Choosing an Element

The most basic feng shui tool is the bagua map. Generally, a bagua is used to determine which parts of a room or other space represent various aspirations. The map user chooses an aspiration he or she would like to enhance, uses the bagua to find the area in his or her space that represents that aspiration, and then adds that bagua section’s associated element in order to energize or activate the chi that affects that aspiration. Elements may be represented by something other than their literal physical material; these include color, shape, texture, sound, taste, and fragrance.

You don’t necessarily have to have a bagua to achieve elemental benefits, either. If you find yourself lacking in an area of life you can introduce an element (or something associated with that element such as a scent) to your room to create an environment more conducive to your life needs.

The elements represent and add the following attributes:

WATER – spirituality, reflection, meditation; YIN energy

WOOD – intuition, luck, confidence, and trust

FIRE – emotions, strength, assertiveness, dominance; pure YANG

EARTH – harmony, balance, and groundedness

METAL – mental activity, thought, and creativeness

Choosing a Fragrance

After we identify what we need and which element will help us achieve it we can use elemental aromatherapy, fragrances representing the five feng shui elements, to enhance the identified life area.

Add one or more of the five feng shui elements by using any of the following fragrances:

WATER – Fragrances connected to the Water element energize career and business chi and bring calmness. These scents often smell wet or ethereal and include salt water, bamboo, lotus, and seaweed, among others.

WOOD – Fragrances connected to the Wood element energize family chi and foundation luck and promote harmony. These scents often smell minty or resinous and include sandalwood, musk, ginseng, mint, cedar, and other woods.

FIRE – Fragrances connected to the Fire element energize fame and reputation chi and energize and invigorate. These scents often smell bitter or spicy and include amber, cinnamon, and pepper, among others.

EARTH – Fragrances connected to the Earth element energize romance and marriage chi and promote health. These scents usually smell sweet and earthy and include patchouli, mandarin and citrus, floral aromas, and vanilla, among others.

METAL – Fragrances connected to the Metal element energize creativity and descendants chi. Metal aromas often smell acrid, slippery, cool, and crisp and may include cool mints, snowy scents, and crisp floral fragrances, among others.

Essential Oils Descriptive Terms (Cathartic – Cytotoxic)

Glossary of Descriptive Terms – Essential Oils Properties, Actions & Effects

Cathartic – a purgative

Cephalic – relating to the head

Cerebral – pertaining to the largest part of the brain

Chemotype – plants of the same genus which appear externally identical but having a variation in their chemical constituents, often due to climatic, altitude, or soil conditions

Chlorosis – rare form of anemia

Chologugue – stimulates secretion of and flow bile

Cholecystokinetic – agent that stimulates the contraction of the gall bladder

Choleretic – aids excretion of bile by the liver, so there is a greater flow of bile

Cholesterol – a naturally occurring steroid alcohol. Excess can lead to gallstones

Cicatrizant – wound healing agent, aids formation scar tissue for burns, cuts, scars

Cirrhosis – degenerative change in any organ (especially liver), resulting in fibrous tissue overgrowth

Colic – Pain due to contraction of the involuntary muscle of the abdominal organs

Colitis – inflammation of the colon

Compress – substance applied hot or cold to an area of the body, for relief of inflammation and pain

Concrete – a concentrate, waxy, solid, or semi-solid perfume material prepared from previously live

plant mattter, usually using a hydrocarbon type of solvent

Constipation – congestion of the bowels, resulting in infrequent movement

Cordial – stimulant and tonic

Counterirritant – anti-inflammatory agent

Cutaneous – pertaining to the skin

Cytotoxic – toxic to all cells

PLEASE NOTE: There are many cheap, synthetic copies of aromatic oils, but these are not recommended for therapeutic use. For best results purchase the highest quality oils you can possibly find. Use certified organic essential oils, or oils that have been tested and are pesticide free.

Holistic MindBody Therapy, including pure essential oils, are gentle, noninvasive complementary forms of health care for balancing and synchronizing your body, mind and spirit and a natural, safe and effective way to enhance your health and well-being. Holistic health care may produce satisfying results where other methods have failed. Please consult with your physician regarding serious health concerns and do not attempt to self diagnose.

Capricorn and Essential Oils

Capricorn, 10th sign of the zodiac falls approximately between December 22- January 20. Symbolized by the Goat, Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth element sign meaning they are ambitious, creative initiators with a grounded practical energy. Capricorns are conventional, cerebral, cautious, hard working and reliable. Many people will seek out their Capricorn friends or family because Capricorns are the “rock” they need to lean on during times of melancholy or stress. Most Capricorns have a need for purpose and direction in life. Their ruling planet Saturn in astrology represents structure, boundaries, time, caution and wisdom.

Capricorns do have the habit of taking on too much always needing to be needed and in turn end up depleting themselves of emotional, spiritual and physical energy. I know a few Capricorns who are guilty of this, always worried about security in all forms: financial, emotional and physical, not just for themselves but for others as well. This can be exhausting to anyone on the outside looking in, not to mention the Goat themselves.

Capricorns are goal setters configured with definitive guidelines as they most happy with structure. More often than not, once a goal is reached they will soldier on to higher and better aspirations. The Saturn power helps the Capricorn with discipline, and staying power to achieve goals they set for themselves.

You will find a Capricorn is quite active with hiking, running, cycling… you name it they are involved in it or at least have tried it. With all this movement they may have to tendency to complain about their joints and muscles, which may be easily remedied with essential oil blends.

The Capricorn ego can get on the nerves of others, as they believe their way is the best way, no matter what way it is! What you may not know is that they are often hard on themselves, being a perfectionist who is never satisfied; the Cap needs to remember they also possess a goofy side which needs to be let out once in a while.

The grounding aroma of Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) essential oil is sweet, heavy, deep and earthy. This oil is very often used in perfumery as a base note. Vetiver is not only often associated with the Capricorn and Saturn planet but also the root chakra, which makes Vetiver a good choice for those who are too airy and need some grounding. Commonly referred to as the Oil of Tranquility, this essential oil is superb for the Capricorn who is burnt out physically, mentally and emotionally. This musty aromatic oil may stir those deep soul secrets, softening those emotional blockages, awakening the Capricorn to recognize they are actually not alone in the world. Vetiver oil has a personality like that of a Capricorn, strong, full of wisdom, healthy self value and integrity. Another great purpose of Vetiver is to alleviate muscle and joint discomfort, indeed useful for the active Goat! Just blend 1 drop of Vetiver and 1 drop Pine in a tablespoon of unscented massage oil or lotion and massage into muscle.

The high vibrational energy of Lemon essential oil (Citrus limon) will boost any sour mood into sun-drenched joy. The light, clean, fresh aroma engages the psyche with liveliness and an aura of happiness. This uplifting Lemon scent bestows clarity, awareness and direction to those to inhale the aroma. A wonderful olfactory morning treat to help set the tone for the day ahead, just sprinkle a few drops on the shower floor allowing the steam to raise the aroma throughout the shower stall. For those washed-out Capricorns who are emotionally strained and need to lighten up, the lemon’s aromatic bliss can facilitate that vibe.

With Capricorn in wintery months, Pine essential oil (Pinus sylvestris) is a great choice. It has a clean, woody, leafy, aroma which resonate with the months of December and January. Just looking at a Pine tree noticing the straight structured trunk, reminds me of the logical and practical Capricorn. Pine’s aroma and personality encourages direction, self confidence, positivity, patience and strength, assisting the goal oriented Capricorn with their task lists.

Pine essential oil is also known to have stimulating action on circulation, helps with fatigue and makes a great expectorant. The essential oil is produced from distilling the Scotch pine tree needles, cones and branches. For colds, it is best to diffuse in a room with just a few drops in a diffuser, a little goes a long way.

This essential oil is invigorating, awakening the soul inside us, encouraging strength, trust and direction. Pine also blends well with Lemon essential oil creating an energizing, uplifting aroma that is clean and fresh.

Fun fact: Elvis Presley was a Capricorn

Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Spa

Spa treatments are a non-medical procedure employed to improve health. The treatments are often facilitated from spa resorts, day spas, destination spas and beauty salons. A typical treatment includes: Aromatherapy, Bathing (or soaking in a steam bath, sauna, peat pulp bath, mud bath, hot tub or hot spring), Body wraps, Massage, Waxing and Nail care (i.e. manicures and pedicures). Spas involve the use of water to treat, also called balneotherapy. Spa resorts are recommended to treat many health problems. Dating back to the prehistoric times, mineral waters have been used to offer curative powers. The factors to consider when choosing a spa include:

· Referrals & recommendations

The easiest way to find a good spa facility is through the recommendations offered by friends, family members and/or colleagues. Alternatively, when you go online you will discover many spas operating locally, regionally and internationally. By reading the customer reviews and contacting some of the referrals given by the service provider you will discover the experiences of customers in the hands of the provider.

· Proper equipment

It is important to visit a facility that has modern spa equipment. Furthermore, the facility needs to have a good ambience in order to help you relax and get rejuvenated. It is equally important to consider the products or brands used in the facility. As a result, you want as much as possible to avoid a facility that relies on low quality products because they can prove detrimental to your health.

· Hygiene

A clean environment is essential. Items within the facility must be in their proper places, with furniture dotting the place, in its rightful place. Furthermore, staff members must be properly dressed in clean clothing. By checking the corners and window pane, you will get an idea of the level of cleanliness within the facilities. The floor should be clean and the air around fresh. If you are not satisfied with the level of cleanliness, you are better off looking for another facility.

· Experience

The benefits associated with visiting a good spa retreat are numerous. You are assured of getting quality service for your money. In addition, you can expect your mental and physical health to improve. By checking their training, certification and year of service you will get a feel of what you will be getting from the facility. Good spa yoga retreat should be in a position to offer highly specialized staff members to undertake each available service. This is very important because some procedures are potentially dangerous if performed incorrectly.

Healthy Weight Loss – Pure Essential Oils to Increase Fat Burning & Metabolism

This pure essential oil formula is a perfect balance of aromas for curbing your appetite, as well as to increase your fat burning and metabolism. It will also help to relieve food cravings and enhance your digestion. Citrus essential oils are natural body tonics. They have an alkalizing effect on the body and help to balance a too acid pH body chemistry, as well as promote cleansing and detoxification.

The synergy blend healthy weight loss formula (1:1:1 ratio) is easy to make and easy to use, and it really works amazingly well, so give it a try!

Organic Pink Grapefruit ( Citrus paradisi ) ~ “I can do it!” Pink grapefruit is often recommended for treating eating disorders and overweight or obesity issues and is especially helpful for controlling sweet cravings.

RESEARCH NEWS: Organic Style Magazine (June 2005) featured an article on 25 ways to lose weight naturally. At number 12 was the inhalation of grapefruit oil. Research from the Institute of Aromatherapy in Toronto, Canada noted that smelling grapefruit oil helps curb “sweet” cravings.

Sweet Orange ( Citrus sinensis ) ~ The Happy Oil! Sweet Orange is a rejuvenating and uplifting tonic that will keep you motivated.

Lemon ( Citrus limonum ) ~ Rapidly fires up your metabolism and fat burning cells! Lemon is a known physical tonic and helps stimulate blood and lymph circulation to effectively cleanse the body when you’re losing weight fast!

Brain research conducted to learn about the effects aroma has on the brain discovered that lemon oil activates the center of the hippocampus and triggers left brain, rational thinking. Take a whiff of Lemon oil and your emotional triggers for sweets and second helpings are instantly short circuited.

TIP FOR USE: Direct Inhalation Method – Dispense 1-3 drops of your healthy weight loss synergy blend onto a cotton ball or tissue. Inhale for 30-60 seconds before eating to curb your appetite and relieve your food cravings.

FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS – Close your eyes and inhale your synergy blend healthy weight loss formula. Breathe in slowly and pause briefly on your inhaled breath. Then slowly exhale, letting go of any tension. Repeat this slow, rhythmic breathing five more times. Allow yourself to relax for a moment into a feeling of well-being.

WHEN TO USE: Inhale before you eat out in restaurants (before ordering), when you go grocery shopping, and whenever you get the urge for a snack. It is a simple pure essential oil formula that is not harmful to the environment and is wonderfully inexpensive to make. Over time you will notice your stomach capacity will shrink and so will your appetite.

PLEASE NOTE: There are many cheap, synthetic copies of aromatic oils, but these are not recommended for therapeutic use. For best results purchase the highest quality oils you can possibly find. Use certified organic essential oils, or oils that have been tested and are pesticide free.

Aromatherapy is a gentle and noninvasive complementary health care system used for balancing and synchronizing your body, mind, spirit and emotions to enhance your health. Properly administered essential oils are a natural, safe and effective way to enhance your health and well-being and may produce satisfying results where other methods have failed. Please consult with your physician regarding serious health concerns and do not attempt to self diagnose.

Yin and Yang Aromatherapy – Using Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils at Home

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for physical and emotional well being. They are comprised of naturally occurring chemicals that work in synergy with one another. Unlike prescription drugs, the healing properties of essential oils date back thousands of years.

Two of the most versatile essential oils are lavender and peppermint. Think of these two oils as yin and yang. Lavender is warm and relaxing, while peppermint is cool and invigorating.

Each morning, add eight to ten drops of peppermint essential oil to a fragrance burner filled with water to help wake you up. Peppermint is also helpful for fighting the afternoon blahs and has a natural cooling effect. Put a drop or two on a cotton ball, close your eyes and inhale deeply. If you are prone to headaches, mix one-eighth cup carrier oil, such as sweet almond or extra virgin olive oil to 12 drops peppermint and massage your temples, neck, and forehead.

In the evening, add nine drops of lavender to your bathwater, dim the lights and take several deep breaths to help you relax. Try a few drops directly on your pillowcase or on a cotton ball if you have a difficult time getting to sleep. Lavender can help balance your emotions, relieve stress and aid in lowering blood pressure. It is beneficial for the skin and can be used for blemishes, scrapes, sunburn, and rashes. Add a drop or two to a wet cotton ball and apply to the affected area.

One of the simplest ways to use lavender or peppermint is to make your own body lotion. Purchase a high quality, unscented lotion and add thirty to forty drops of either oil or a combination of the two oils.

Essential oils are naturally antibacterial and antiviral and are effective for treating colds and flu. Fill a bowl with water, heat carefully, then add a few drops of lavender and peppermint. Put a towel over your head, close your eyes and inhale. When the water cools, take a washcloth and use as a compress to cover your forehead. This helps relieve headaches and sinus pressure.

Replace your room fresheners and their inherent chemicals and ozone depleting propellants. Add several drops of lavender or peppermint essential oil to a spray bottle filled with distilled water and gently shake before misting your room. Use lavender as a linen mist and peppermint on your counters and floorboards to deter household pests.

Did you know there are approximately 70,000 synthetic chemicals now used in commercial products? What health consequences do these chemicals pose with daily exposure? Use essential oils as an alternative to these products for everyday health and well being. A few words of caution – with the exception of lavender and tea tree, essential oils should never be applied undiluted, directly to your skin. Handle with care and feel good that you are helping yourself, your family, and your environment.

The Advantages of Mobile Massage

People today are so busy they will welcome any service that makes life easier for them. Instead of going to look for service providers, it is becoming fashionable for services to be brought at the doorstep so that no one has an excuse for missing out on the good things of life. This is what has made mobile massage service such a popular thing these days. All you need to do is call a therapist who comes to your doorstep and what’s more, they will customize their services so they can fit your very personal body needs. The therapist will take note of your needs, allergies and injuries to give you the best massage experience you can ever ask for.

This type of service comes in very handy in cases where the client cannot travel for any number of reasons. Think about an elderly or convalescing patient who needs massage or a pregnant woman or even one who is caring for young children; this eliminates the stress associated with such a person having to travel. The therapist comes with their own table or they get a way of working on the patient’s bed or even the floor of the house. The same service can also be held in the office or even the hotel room where a person is staying in case they traveled for leisure or business.

Depending on a client’s need, the therapist can either do the type of massage in which they are proficient or simply perform a relaxation massage. This is because clients have a wide array of therapies to choose from including deep tissue massage, foot massage, aromatherapy, pregnancy massage etc. The sessions can be very relaxing since the masseurs bring along soft relaxing music together with the relevant aromas, oils, towels, flannel linens as well as scented candles so as to create a very relaxing environment. In most cases, they will advice on what type of room you need to prepare in advance as well as what clothing you need to wear during the session for optimum effectiveness.

Companies that want to enhance their workers effectiveness and take advantage of the benefits of massage can actually take advantage of mobile massage services. They can consider creating room for a customized service known as corporate massage which is basically used as a stress management technique. Rather than requiring a massage table like we are used to, corporate massage is almost always done on a chair by therapists who bring all the other materials they require. The sessions are comfortable in a corporate setting because the clients don’t have to disrobe and, as such, they will enjoy the session in a truly relaxing setting.

There are business people who nowadays use this type of massage to help their clients relax and in the process they end up getting more business from them. Such a session can be help in special occasions such as product launches and will be combined with other give away such as food, drinks and any other acceptable form of entertainment. You could also try mobile massage as a gift to a loved one during their birthday or graduation party for a difference since all other gifts have become common place.

Aroma ‘Therapy’ and the Black Death

From Mediaeval times until the mid-1800s, it was generally believed that diseases were caused and spread through a corruption of the air or ‘miasma’. This belief probably arose because of the foul smells associated with illness and the lack of hygiene common at that time. When it came to preventing or treating such diseases, a lack of any knowledge of modern science or medicine meant that people had only the beliefs and practices of their ancestors to rely on. While some of these, mainly herbal, remedies have been since found to be effective (e.g. wormwood for stomach complaints and lungwort for respiratory problems), most were totally ineffective when the Black Death swept across Europe in the 1300s.

The most common form of the Black Death was the bubonic plague, characterized by the appearance of black-coloured buboes in the groin, neck and armpits, which oozed pus and blood, together with fever, headaches, painful aches in the joints, nausea and vomiting. It was highly contagious and usually fatal. The Black Death was universally feared – it spread ferociously fast, and death could occur within a couple of hours of the onset of symptoms. Between the 14th and 17th centuries, Europe suffered a series of attacks from the plague, and the consequences were enormous. Between 1348 and 1350 alone, the Black Death is estimated to have killed between one- and two-thirds of the population of Europe.

The plague was associated with a characteristic stink – the huge number of victims together with the rapid and high death rate associated with the plague would have given rise to an extraordinarily strong stench. This reinforced in most people’s minds the idea that the disease was carried in contaminated air. Among the more obvious remedies that were proposed, therefore, were those based on aroma – the aim was to counter the bad air with sweet-smelling agents, which were thought to have the power to overcome the harmful evil odours. Herbs and spices were most popular, though generally anything that smelt good was considered useful.

Those who could afford it burned a range of aromatic herbs – such as rosemary, juniper, laurel, pine and beech – in their houses, to help ward off bad smells and purify the air. Camphor and sulphur were also thought to be effective. Sweet-smelling herbs, such as lavender, sage, thyme, meadowsweet and winter savoury, were dried and strewn on the floor, sewn into cloth bags or carried as posies. Cloths infused with aromatic oils, such as camphor, rosemary or laurel, that were used to cover the face when going out were a more expensive option. Vinegar was also thought to be an effective deterrent.

Even wealthier people could afford pomanders. These consisted of pierced metal cases containing resin or wax embedded with a multitude of expensive aromatic spices, including nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. Held to the nose, the pierced casing allowed the scent to escape, thus (supposedly) offering the owner protection from the air-borne pestilence. The attractions of the aromatic spices, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves, are perhaps obvious, but ambergris, a waxy secretion of the intestinal tract of the sperm whale, was also used in pomanders. Unlikely as it may seem, ambergris has a pleasant sweet fragrance and is still used today by the perfume industry. Only the very rich could afford to carry ambergris pomanders, and these were considered to be more potent against the plague than other pomanders.

In Elizabethan times there are reports of many ‘cures’ for the plague: here are two of those based on herbal remedies…

“Take yarrow, tansy, featherfew, of each a handful, and bruise them well together, then let the sick party make water into the herbs, then strain them, and give it the sick to drink.” (The belief that drinking your own urine is a panacea for all ills is a relatively common one even today.)

Take of sage, rue, briar leaves, elder leaves, of each a handful, stamp them and strain them with a quart of white wine, and put thereto a little ginger, and a good spoonful of the best treacle, and drink thereof morning and evening.

Although the remedies available at this time were totally ineffective at treating people who developed the plague there is a possibility that some may, strangely enough, have actually been of some help in preventing the spread of the plague. Wormwood, rosemary, feverfew and tansy, in particular, are today recognized for their flea-repelling properties (indeed wormwood was used as a flea deterrent during the plague years) – and fleas and the rats that carried them are now generally thought to have been responsible for carrying and spreading this devastating disease.



What Is an Ultrasonic Diffuser – The Principles Behind This Amazing Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is a tool used to alleviate the process of aromatherapy, or the inhaling of diffused particles of the essential oil to be able to feel its therapeutic benefits. There are different types of diffusers available in the market, and one of the best is the ultrasonic aroma diffuser. It is regarded as one of the best diffusers in facilitating aromatherapy along with essential oil nebulizers, because they disperse the natural oils in form of mist. Mist is a spray of fine droplets of particles, and it is readily absorbed by our lungs; thus, speeding up the process of aromatherapy.

Also known as the humidifying diffuser, the ultrasonic diffuser helps humidify the air with the lovely mists that it releases. Although the end product is almost the same as that of the essential oil nebulizer, this aroma diffuser operates differently.

The nebulizer works by blowing some amount of air across the small tube containing the essential oil which is ‘nebulized’ and blown into mists. Nebulizer is a very powerful device that it can use up a lot of oil in a short period of time but If the power released by the nebulizer is not regulated, it may produce too much mist that may shock one’s olfactory system. It should be operated with a timer to let the olfactory system process the oils before receiving more of it.

On the other hand, the ultrasonic diffuser uses an adiabatic process; meaning, heat is not utilized in order to break down the particles of the essential oil. Instead, this diffuser uses electronic frequencies to accomplish the misting of the liquid particles. The essential oil is combined with another fluid (usually water). A small disc placed under the surface of the fluid will vibrate rapidly due to electronic frequencies. This will disperse the oil into fine mist that will saturate the air in the room.

The mist produced by the nebulizer might smell too strong which is not the case with ultrasonic diffusers. The mist produced by this device is not pure oil; it has been combined with water so the scent is less intensified and more soothing as compared to that produced by the nebulizer. This eliminates the need for regulating the amount of mist released in the air by ultrasonic diffusers.

Ultrasonic aroma diffusers come in different variations and of course, in different prices. The more pricey variants are those infused with advanced technological enhancements for the convenience of the user. But, if you have a small budget, a basic ultrasonic diffuser will do; it may not have some advanced features, but the healing effect is still the same.